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Business with experiences of a lifetime

Solsiden Brygge offers both its guests and customers a large and roomy Conference with a capacity of about 30 participants.
  • conferencehall can completely blacked
  • The venue is partly equipped with projector, whiteboard, leather and sound system.
  • The venue also a related bars and toilets.

We also offer conference for smaller groups (2-8 participants) where we use one of our great fishing huts that meeting. This offer also has all the facilities conference room offers.

Rental of conference kr 2500, -
Rent konferanserorbuen kr 1600, -

Besides this you can also choose one of our following conference packages:

Snack Pack - Nuts and fruits - NOK 95, - per participant.
Lunch pack - LUPUS - NOK 170, - per participant.
Full package - Nuts and fruits + lunch - NOK 250, - per participant.

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